Learning for Life

Living a full life on one’s own terms means exposure to all possible things in life that are meaningful, enjoyable, fruitful, and makes one happy to  interact with peers and others.  Some people live their entire life on their own term, some do so partially, and some never do. Disability brings forth an added dimension of challenge to any human being. The founder of My Life Learning Center (MLLC) believes that , in fact, , we are all disabled; there is that “one thing” we cannot do. However, society has defined disability for us and MLLC wants to set aside that definition and provide young adults with the training, exposure, and knowledge of possibilities  so that these individuals can live the life they choose.

Learning to Live

No one should feel limited in today's world of scientific advancement and progress. In addition to providing tools to live a happier and healthier life, My Life Learning Center looks to create skills that will allow those in need to live and think for themselves. It is only through development of the mind and body that confidence can be gained, and My Life Learning Center believes that one should have the opportunity to grow as a human being, and contribute as a citizen, to experience all of life.